Divorce Financial Planning  - Partnering with you through life's transitions



why hire a cdfa?

  • Pension Valuation

  • 401(k) Community Property Valuation

  • Executive Compensation Valuation

  • Analyze pension and retirement plans

  • Maintenance buy-out calculations

  • Life-style Analysis (determining client             income is critical to getting a fair and            equitable settlement, maintenance                award, or child support,                                  especially with businesses or missing            financial statements)

  • Full Financial Analysis including Net             Worth and Cash Flow projections 20             years into the future

  • Post-Divorce Transitional Services

Individual services include

Collaborating with a Financial Consultant for your Divorce clients

We analyze the financial needs of each client

      Using tax returns, bank account, brokerage account and credit card statements from the past few years to support the submitted Financial affidavits that will be used as the basis for determining the division of assets, alimony and even child support.

Unfortunately too many times clients guess / estimate, or assets are hidden and go unnoticed.

The Marital Home and Spousal Maintenance are two typical areas that generate questions during a divorce, 
We can help :

  •            Determine if a client can afford to live in the marital home, and provide                          alternatives
  •            Substantiate the need for Spousal support  and help determine how much                     makes sense  

Are you certain that the settlement you crafted will allow your client  to be financially secure in the future?

     Work with a Financial Consultant rather than risk advising on financial issues that are not your specialty.Collaboratively trained.  Let's partner together.

consultant SERVICES For Divorce Professionals

We analyze the Financial needs of each Divorce Client. See articles on the value of working with a CDFA