I grew up on Long Island, in an Italian household living in my grand-parent’s home and went to Catholic School. As a result, my connection to family and community runs deep. My grandfather taught me about money using what he called the “envelope system”. This formed my initial interest and foundation for money management. It was this discipline and philosophy of the importance of cash management that enabled me to pay for a 30k wedding at age 19 and purchase my first home at age 21, and what ultimately inspired me to go to back to school and become a  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®).

After a 20+ year successful career, I no longer felt I was making a difference in the world. So I decided to re-connect to my core values in a more meaningful way and go back to school for Financial Planning.

I hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation, and have experience in Financial Planning, Investments, and taxation with specialized training as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™)  to address your concerns before, during and after divorce.  Additionally, I write for InvestopediaCredit.com, blog,  am trained as a financial neutral in Collaborative Divorce, as a mediator and a life coach, volunteer as a presenter and financial coach at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation in Phoenix and as a Leader for 2nd Saturday Workshops, Currrently, serve as a WINS Advocate for the CFP Board, and have served as Director of Public Relations for the Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix, and served as the  Director of Communications for the Financial Planning Association Long Island Chapter. I am also a member of the  Financial Planning Association,  Maricopa County Asssociation of Family Mediators, The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, the Association of Divorce Financial Planners, and on a more local note a member of the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce.

Michelle buonincontri, CFP®, CDFA™


Divorce Financial Planning  - Partnering with you through life's transitions




Certified Divorce Financial Analyst,CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™