Divorce Financial Planning in Scottsdale - Partnering with you through life's transitions

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As one who has been through this transition, I understand the stress and the emotional turmoil divorce can cause. It’s not only important to be financially educated, but also to work with people who understand you. You think differently. You have different goals and intentions during your divorce. We understand.

At Being MInndful in Divorce, we are experts in Financial Planning and the financial matters of divorce. We work with you and/or your divorce professional (attorney or mediator) to develop an equitable split of assets and liabilities, determine child support, and or spousal maintenance where applicable. Working as a financial neutral, or in an amicable mediation situation, we prepare and review your and your spouses Financial Affidavit - ensuring assets, liabilities, income and expenses are listed properly and valued. We work with you to identify appropriate options, analyze the short and long-term consequences, and together negotiate a win-win resolution that best fits your needs and goals using customized reports on the various settlement options to illustrate scenarios.

We understand that financial security is important for you both, so we show you what to expect in terms of your "post divorce" lifestyle - taking into consideration cash-flow items such as income, expenses, and taxes - and even more complex issues such as real estate or business sales, refinance, pension buyouts, insurance needs etc. We can help reduce overall divorce costs by helping to set realistic expectations and create peace of mind.

why hire a cdfa?

Why Work with us?

Marriage is about love, unfortunately Divorce is about money and assets.

When we are mindful of the past, our judgments, and how we are feeling right now in this moment we can choose to consciously respond rather than react, and reshape the experience of the divorce decision and the process. We can use divorce as an opportunity to create a course of action that’s supports our life vision, increases confidence, and allows us to be the architects of our lives rather than victims of the process. 

Let us partner with you during this process.

At Being Mindful in Divorce our mission is to:

Educate and empower families during the divorce process to create mindful, fair and loving agreements that seek to minimize the emotional and financial impact of their divorce decision through Financial Planning.

Creating clarity, reducing stress and promoting peace of mind.

  • Create a lifestyle analysis to demonstrate whether a client's future is          likely to be financially secure based on the settlement.
  • Address Tax issues/ impacts.
  • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of property division                  choices.
  • Analyze / Value pension and retirement plans.
  • Determine if the client can afford the matrimonial  home – and if not,            identify an affordable option.
  • Establish realistic assumptions for projecting inflation and rates of                return.
  • Evaluate Client insurance needs.
  • Develop creative settlement alternatives that result in a win/win                    for both parties.

let's us help you:

We analyze the Financial needs of each Divorce Client. See articles on the value of working with a CDFA