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Your marriage may be over, or you may just be considering the financial impacts of a divorce decision - either way, the rest of your life is still ahead. It’s time to take control and get educated so that you can make sound financial decisions.

REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU ARE -If you are looking to have peace of mind…. And don’t know where to start, we can help. Whether you are “thinking of”, “made the decision” to divorce or “already involved” in the divorce process. 

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Collaboration is key! ... If you are looking to make your spouse "pay", go to court or suffer, we are NOT a good fit


If you believe that we can be mindful of the past, our judgments, and how we are feeling right now in this moment, that we can choose to consciously respond rather than react, and reshape the experience of the divorce decision and the process - We are a good fit!    I believe we can use divorce as an opportunity to create a course of action that’s supports our life vision, increase confidence, and allows us to be the architects of our lives rather than victims of the process.

Educating and empowering families. Creating clarity, reducing stress and creating peace of mind helps save time and money .... Your family is worth it! ...

Work with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to create a settlement that works for YOUR family.

"What Everyone Should Know About Divorce"

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As one who has been through this transition, I understand the stress and the emotional turmoil divorce can cause. It’s not only important to be financially educated, but also to work with people who understand you. You think differently. You have different goals and intentions during your divorce. We understand.

There are no "redo's" in divorce.  We understand that financial security is important for you both, we will work to help you retain family wealth and show you what to expect in terms of your "post divorce" lifestyle 


How we work with you through the divorce process -  Discovery, Analysis, & Option Creation. Working to retain wealth for your family in the short & long-term


You get to choose...

Financial Mediation, Collaborative Divorce Process, fee-only unbiased Financial Guidance & Coaching

All Services begin with a Complimentary Conversation


We analyze the Financial needs of each client - Cash Flow, Net worth, Tax Planning, Asset Division, Long-term evaluation -Your financial thought partner

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Divorce Financial Planning  - Partnering with you through life's transitions



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